The New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble (NYSAE) was founded in 1988 by a group of musicians in order to present to the public interesting orchestral music played at the highest level by a volunteer organization. For more than 20 years, the orchestra has played a series of five concerts per season. The repertoire has spanned a wide range of the orchestral and operatic literature, including many works not ordinarily attempted by community orchestras. In addition to the standard symphonic repertoire, our concerts have featured lesser known works and contemporary compositions. Our soloists range from internationally known musicians to promising students from the local conservatories. The orchestra comprises people who come from the greater metropolitan area to share their great love of music.

Music Director

Eric Kramer
Photo: Juliette Redl
As of 2016-2017, Eric Kramer became music director of the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble. He remains assistant conductor with Bronx Opera, where he regularly conducts opening night performances, and has led several New York premieres. He also officially remains music director of Collegium Westchester, where from 2000 to 2014 he conducted several performances a year of orchestral and choral/orchestral works from the Baroque through the current day.

Mr. Kramer has also served as an assistant conductor to Iván Fischer, and as a result conducted the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Opéra National de Lyon on numerous occasions.

He has guest conducted organizations in the US and Europe in performances and/or recordings, including the Berlin Sinfonietta; the Sorrento International Music Festival orchestra; the Bohuslav Martinů, Moravian, Plovdiv, and Ruse Philharmonics; the Kroměříž and Solti Chamber Orchestras; and the Ukrainian State Academic Symphony Concert Orchestra; Floating Opera New York; Westchester Chorale; and the Chappaqua Orchestra in a joint concert with Collegium Westchester.

Mr. Kramer is also a composer, pianist, harpsichordist, and organist. An early significant musical accomplishment was playing his own piano concerto with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago when he was 15. He continues to compose and perform as a keyboardist, and he occasionally conducts his own compositions, as well as Mozart piano concertos from the keyboard.

He has performed at special events for Prince Charles and Leonard Bernstein. For Mr. Bernstein in particular, he conducted several compositions he composed for the occasion, and reportedly elicited enthusiastic praise for his talent from Mr. Bernstein himself.

Mr. Kramer has also studied, researched, and taught physics, with a focus on relativistic quantum field theory, and is co-author of a paper in Reviews in Mathematical Physics.

Mr. Kramer holds degrees from Harvard University, University of Texas at Austin, and the Mannes College of Music. His principal teachers have included Easley Blackwood, Peter Lieberson, Michael Charry, and Louis Lane in music; and Cécile DeWitt-Morette in physics. He received a Bruno Walter Memorial Foundation Career Development Grant for 2008-09.

Conductor Laureate

José Alejandro Guzmán José Alejandro Guzmán began his career as chorus master of the Bronx Opera [1973- 1980] and assistant conductor of the Bronx Symphony [1973- 1983].

Maestro Guzmán returned as Music Director of the Bronx Symphony Orchestra from 1998 until 2014. He was already a part of the Orchestra's 60-year history in his 10-year association with it from 1976 to 1986, learning and growing with the orchestra. Eventually, in 1994, he returned to Bronx Symphony for a year as its Associate Conductor and then for a season as its Principal Conductor. He gained wide experience and acclaim in the intervening time in the choral, symphonic, and operatic fields.

In 1984 he made his Carnegie Hall debut conducting the Boricua College gala 40th anniversary concert. He has been staff conductor with the Regina Opera Company since 1983.

Maestro Guzman has been the Artistic and Music Director and Principal Conductor of several groups, including the Centre Symphony Orchestra, the Regina Opera Company, the Staten Island Philharmonic, the Rockaway-Five Towns Symphony Orchestra, the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble for ten years, and the Brooklyn Chamber Orchestra. He is also in demand as a guest conductor, having performed with the Centre Symphony, the South Shore Symphony Orchestra, the Bronx Arts Ensemble, the Riverside Symphony Orchestra, the Bel Canto Opera Company, the Bronx Chamber Orchestra, the New Rochelle Opera Company, the Amore Opera Company and the Brooklyn Heights Orchestra, among many others.

This season marks his 7th year as music director of the CSO.

Maestro Guzman has recently debuted as a guest conductor with the Massapequa Philharmonic Orchestra.


Board of Directors

Violin I
Michael Nuzhny, concertmaster
Yvonne Chiang
Derek Hsiang
Emma Khodos
Leonid Kozlenko
Andrew Mao
Alison Newgard
Marsha Remland
France Rovelli
Karen Sam
Yelena Savranskaya
David Wang
James Wu
Katie Wu
Wen Yang

Violin II
Suzanne Lipkin, principal
Gabriella Bastidas
Galiia Gabbasova
Rocio Guerrero
Qianru He
Katherine Hrach
Cristine Larson
Reika Nakagawa
David Restivo
Samantha Rollins
Sarah Rose
Yelena Savranskaya
Huanan Shen
Ella Vaysfeld
Annelise Wiering

Eliza Lansdale, acting principal
Susan French
Stephanie Greenberg
Vladimir Kozlov
Jules Lai
Ya-Chin Pan
In Hye Park
Edmundo Ramirez
Hannah Sitzmann
David Wang
Jiawei Yan

Kit Yuen, acting principal
Justin Abrams
Candy Chan
Howard Cohen
Nikoline Dinger-Fadeev
Elizabeth Glushko
Katsura Mori

John Babich, acting principal
James Boyd
Dennis Tobolski

Richard Paratley, principal
Carole Abend
Sherri Brooke
Catherine Belford Budd
Betsy Smulyan

Lynn Nack, principal
Stacie Johnston
Alison Mari, English horn

Grover Edwards, principal
Paul Allen
Geoffrey Katin

Clark Abrams, principal
Cindy Baez
Phil Fedora
Jillian Flexner
Norma Kerlin
Shotaro Mori

Stan Corfman, principal
Peter Dressler
Caroline Greenberg
Nicholas Lewandowski
Bradley Strauchen-Scherer
Victoria Dine Swensen
Scott Jackson Wiley

Brian Metcalf, principal
Joseph De Rocco
David Kahn
Harry Wise

Terry Schwandron, principal
Paul Geidel
Julius Gorog
Alexander Kaykov
Bruce Zayde, bass trombone

Jonathan Altman
Charles Mann

Yuval Shkedi, principal
Clay Bradshaw
Rachel Scarpati
Reynaldo Soriano

Yeon Hwa Chung
Margery Fitts

Stan Corfman

Vice President
Marsha Remland

Suzanne Lipkin

Andrea Dovalle

Board Members
Carole Abend
Lynn Nack
David Restivo
Bruce Zayde

Stacie Johnston