A significant portion of our operating funds comes from the generous donations of our contributors. The New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble is extremely grateful to our friends who provide financial support.

  • Supporters: $1,000+
  • Benefactors: $500-$999
  • Patrons: $200-$499
  • Sponsors: $100-$199
  • Donors $50-$99

To make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal, click Donate below:

Contributions made by check should be payable to NYSAE and mailed to:

c/o Stan Corfman, President
16 West 16th St #4EN
New York, New York 10011

Please include your name and address so we can acknowledge the contribution and add your name to our contributors list.

We would also love to hear from you if you might volunteer in some administrative or logistical tasks, both on concert days, and in preparation for concerts.

2016-2017 Contributors

SUPPORTERS ($1,000+)
Kim & Stanley Corfman
Cristine & David Larson
Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
   Community Benefit Festival
   Grant Program
Lynn & Marshall Nack
Roger H. Samet

Michael Nuzhny
Eric Kramer
Marsha & Neil Remland
Kathleen Wu

PATRONS ($200+)
Carole Abend
Lori & David Kahn
Michael Tracht
Elizabeth Williamson

SPONSORS ($100+)
Clark S. Abrams
Kwan Chiang
Yvonne Y. Chiang
Andrea Dovalle
Derek Hsiang
Stacie Johnston
Maria & Geoffrey Katin
Eliza Landsale
Lorine Schaefer
Yuval Shkedi
Gary Sitzmann
Betsy Smulyan
Risa & Bruce Zayde

DONORS ($50+)
Catherine Belford Budd
Hui Ying Candy Chan
Amber Fairweather
Amy Friedman
Forest Gray Sun
Suzanne Lipkin
Brian Metcalf
Natalia & David Restivo
Sarah Rose
Rachel Scarpati
William Stevens
Yuko Sunda
Dennis Tobolski
David Wang
Kathleen Wu
Hung Yuen
Larry Zaidan
Elina Zismanova

MEMBERS ($10+)
Evelyn Albert
Victoria Dine
Stephanie Greenberg
Peter Gross
Takao Kasumi
Janet & Peter Kiefer
Daniel Laurie
Marina Peremyslova
Thomas Ressicaud
Samantha Rollins
France Rovelli
Judith Scott
Elizabeth Skinner
Bradley Strauchen-Scherer
Takemi Ueno
Donald Venezia